Our Mission

  • Assist integration of Pakistani women and families in the UK.

  • Support projects Internationally to help women and children.

  • To integrate British Youth in furthering APWA UK mission and adapt it to their needs.

  • Provide women of Pakistani origin with a platform and knowledge of their rights and status in the UK.

  • Disseminate information relating to women’s issues globally.

  • Represent APWA UK on an International level.

Platform for British Pakistani Women

Our mission is to give the British Pakistani women a platform and a voice in the United Kingdom. It is to empower them so that they can contribute, integrate and benefit from what the United Kingdom has to offer. Our aim is to inspire women to develop their potential. The United Kingdom has over a million Pakistanis who have made it their home. We are here to serve them .


We aim to encourage our members to engage with  community work in the UK, to learn more about other social groups and cultures also. We support women in the community by putting them in touch with government departments that can assist with their needs.  Our network of lawyers, teachers, charity aid workers are there to lend support and guidance.   We provide emergency financial assistance through our “zakat” programme for those in dire need.


The second and third generation Pakistani women are a welcome addition to the APWA UK fold. We love to have them involved in taking the APWA mission forward by building on its firm foundations.  The social landscape has evolved such that there are many, many British-Pakistani women who reflect the positive values of Pakistan abundantly. Hard-working professionals who are very much active in their British communities.  They are the role-models of the future. The British-Pakistani female voice therefore deserves to be heard.