Steering Group

Our Steering Group consists of women who are talented in many fields. They provide invaluable experience, dedication and hard work to the activities of APWA UK:

  • Ruby Abbas
  • Fazeelat Khan
  • Natasha Sheikh
  • Seemi Awan
  • Rukhsana Kazi
  • Aliya Afzal Khan
  • Attiya Thanvi


Our team of volunteers contribute to APWA UK by assisting in the smooth running of events. They dedicate themselves on a voluntary basis sacrificing their free time. We hope that in the future they will be taking the legacy of APWA UK forward:

  • Atia Khan
  • Noreen Hussain
  • Najia Shaikh
  • Naveen Faisal Mehmud
  • Zhaleh Khaleeli
  • Huma Khaleeli
  • Helen Sinclair
  • Saleha Ali
  • Zafar Rafique