By our first event of 28th June 2011, we aimed to raise the profile of Pakistani Women in the UK. A Gala Dinner was organised at The Marriott Hotel Mayfair, London to Celebrate “THE WOMEN OF PAKISTAN”.

A book profiling over 140 outstanding women of Pakistan, sponsored by the late professor Anita Gholam Ali, was published and circulated at the dinner to show what these women have achieved.

There are many, many women who are doing outstanding work but could not be included in that work due to limitations of space. We can encourage our women here to contribute to community work in Great Britain.

Since that first event we have organised many others, conferences, talks, lunches and dinners  attended by our Trustees, Patrons and Friends to take this objective onwards.

We look forward to organising more events to raise awareness and funds for worthy charitable causes and for celebrations.